Recently, owing to a diversification and expansion of the research program into topical areas involving renewable and other energy conversion systems, the Building Foundations Research Program has been merged into the Energy Systems Design Program. In this larger context, building foundations research falls into the energy conservation component of more general energy system design and research.

This site is devoted to describing and promulgating research undertaken at the University of Minnesota pertaining to building foundations in a broad sense.  The research described has been carried out since 1980, at the Underground Space Center, the Minnesota Building Research Center, the College of Design and the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering.

A corner perspective view of one quadrant of a frost-protected shallow foundation showing filled experimental temperature contours on the slab surface; on the exterior stem wall surface (underneath the vertical insulation); and, on a plane containing the base of the stem wall and the underside of the horizontal wing insulation.

Program Director:
Louise F. Goldberg Ph.D (Eng)
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